If you run a snow sports business then you really should be advertising on the World Snowboard Guide and reaping the benefits of targeted advertising on one of the largest and busiest snowboarding websites.

In January 2009 the World Snowboard Guide had over 800,000 pages impressions. Just over 400,000 were made by humans. This works out at around 150,000 visitors and 60,000 unique visitors. So if you want to attract travel minded snowboarders, then you need to be advertising on the World Snowboard Guide.

From a survey our visitors are 60% UK, 35% USA. 80% male and 50% between the age of 25 and 35.

You can choose to advertise per month or for an entire year and we offer a number of advert sizes for both images and text ads.

Monthly rates start from just £5 and annual from £15. Download our rate card to see full prices and details and visit to get started. 

You're in control

We've developed a simple yet comprehensive secure site so that you can create an advert and have it live on the World Snowboard Guide in minutes, and we accept all major credit and debit cards.

Website access advertising step 2A simple 5 step wizard will take you through the entire process and once your advert has gone live you can even change your image or text and even the pages you advertise on.

You can choose to advertise from a single page to across the entire website. You can run a campaign for a month or an entire year, and have various options from small text ads and large animated banner images. We have a solution for every budget and requirement.

You can view the stats and see how your advertising campaign is progressing, and you can fully maintain everything from the site.

It really is that simple.

Email advertising and custom solutions

Every month we send an email newsletter to over 7000 subscribers. You can put your company or product on this, just contact us and tell us what you're thinking.

If you are looking for a solution that goes beyond the normal then contact us and discuss your requirements with us. we can create special branded pages, run competitions for our members and a whole variety of things to get your product into the spotlight.


 World Snowboard Guide website advertising rate card

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